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2011 National Letters Carrier Food Drive

 From the 2010 Letter Carriers Food Drive




for making the 2011 Letter Carriers Food Drive a success!


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National Letter Carrier FOOD DriveOn Saturday, May 14, Ventura County letter carriers teamed up with Farmers Insurance, the United Way of Ventura County and Sheeler Moving and Storage to participate in Stamp Out Hunger, the country’s largest single-day food drive, to benefit Ventura County’s only regional food bank, FOOD Share. The annual nationwide drive has collected more than one billion pounds of donated food since it began 19 years ago. This year, participating post offices will take part in a friendly competition to see which can collect the most food. Residents of Ventura County are asked to place non-perishable, protein-rich foods in a bag next to their mailboxes prior to regular mail delivery. Letter carriers collect the donations, which are then delivered to FOOD Share, helping them feed 73,000 people each month. Stay tuned for the final numbers!




Karen Jensen – Event  & Food Drive Coordinator
(805) 983-7100 X 135   

Hosting a food drive for your school, organization, neighborhood, church, club, event, and/or corporation is easy! It's great way to engage your community and provide much needed help for the hungry children, seniors and families of Ventura County. Whether it is big or small, we encourage you to get started! FOOD Share can provide you with collection barrels and assistance in getting started.

Want to find out more?

Contact FOOD Share's dedicated Food Drive Coordinator, Karen Jensen for more information.


Canned goods

We encourage donations of nutritious core food staples and protein food items over food items such as soda, cookies, candies and junk food. FOOD Share is dedicated to providing healthy food for our hungry friends. Below is a list of most needed food items:



Canned proteins (tuna, ham, salmon and chicken)
Canned soup
Canned or dried fruits
Canned vegetables
Dried beans, rice and cereal
Peanut butter (and jelly)
Pasta and rice

We prefer plastic containers and pop top cans.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept home canned or baked products. 


Frequently Asked Questions



Successful food drives require enthusiastic leaders. Get people involved early to develop creative ideas, raise awareness, and increase participation levels. Follow these steps to ensure your food drive is a stunning success!



Set up a committee of team leaders with representatives from every level of your organization to coordinate the drive. Working as a team is important to keep things efficient and organized.



Start and end dates, your method of collection, and whether you will be picking up barrels and dropping off food drive donations yourself, or whether you will need us to deliver barrels and pick up food donations from your address.



Setting a goal is a great way to encourage teamwork and provide contributors with a sense of accomplishment. Make goals realistic and easy to understand. For example, you could set a goal to collect 200 lbs of food (1 can of food is approximately 1 lb.).



Make it a creative and fun food drive: incorporate competitions and themes, decorate boxes/food barrels and place them in strategic locations where they are in public view, and use fliers to advertise your event.



Use incentives to encourage participation. Start an internal competition between departments, classes, or coworkers, to see who can raise the most donations, and/or reward participants with prizes for their contributions. For example, reward a winning team with a pizza party.



 Maintain momentum by keeping participants updated about the food drive. Send out emails announcing the food drive, post progress charts, and keep participants informed with regular competition updates. Bask in the success of your food drive! Your donations will provide food to our friends and families in need.



 Build awareness! Use this food drive as an opportunity to spread the word about hunger in Ventura County.  Share and distribute the Hunger Fact Sheet 2010 and send out links to our website  so that others can learn more.



Encourage financial contributions. Participants are welcome to donate money in lieu of food. Remember, for every $1 donated, FOOD Share can purchase $7.15 worth of nutritious food for our friends in need!



Take the time to thank everyone who participated. Give prizes to top teams, and send thank you notes to all participants. Publicize your success by letting the community know the total amount of food you collected and how many meals your food drive will provide.


Thank you for helping us feed the hungry in Ventura County.

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