Volunteers are essential in helping FOOD Share reach thousands of hungry people each month in Ventura County.  Our dedicated volunteers are committed to fight hunger and ensure that people in need have access to nutritious food. FOOD Share volunteers represent a diverse cross section of our community including corporate groups, adult service organizations, students, retired individuals, church groups, individuals with community service requirements and other caring people seeking to help those less fortunate.


Get started right now, fill out this simple form and one of our Volunteer Department Coordinators will contact you or feel free to call us today. 

Meg Horton 805-983-7100 Ext 105  or Christina Forino 805-983-7100 Ext 104


How Can I Help?

FOOD Share has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.  We have positions to suit almost any interest and time availability.


 When Can I Help?

FOOD Share welcomes your help. We have shifts 6 days a week and strive to make a good match between a volunteer’s available time and a FOOD Share volunteer opportunity.  As such we offer a variety of options to fit a prospective volunteer’s busy schedule. Interested?


How to Apply 

It is easy to get started~ 1. Apply Online- download the volunteer handbook (click on link below) 2. Read the volunteer handbook 3. Sign pages 21-25 (skip page 22 if over the age of 18) 4. We would love to meet you!  Schedule a day and time to come in for a tour and to turn in your paperwork.  If you can not make it to our warehouse go ahead and return the paperwork back to the Volunteer Department via mail to 4156 Southbank Road, Oxnard, CA 93036 or e-mail your signed paperwork to mhorton@foodshare.com or to cforino@foodshare.com  

FOOD Share Volunteer Handbook (download)

No Time to Volunteer?

You can help the hungry of Ventura County in many ways even if you are not able to volunteer. These include:

  • Invite FOOD Share to speak at the next meeting of your social club, work group or organization to help us bring awareness to the community
  • Take a Tour of FOOD Share (groups, schools, corporations)
  • Donate Food ~ both perishable and non-perishable.
  • Donate Dollars ~ Online, through the donate buttons on this website or Facebook, or by bringing/sending checks or cash to our offices.  We even take Visa gift cards!
  • Become a FOOD Share Ambassador ~ speak on our behalf at your company or to your affiliated organizations.


Meg Horton                              Christina Forino

Volunteer Coordinator              Volunteer Coordinator

mhorton@foodshare.com          cforino@foodshare.com

805-983-7100  Ext. 105              805-983-7100 Ext 104


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