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While FOOD Share’s partner agencies provide food to more than 74,500 people each month, it is estimated that there are gaps in availability of food resources that leave an equal or greater number of our friends and neighbors unsure about where they will be able to get the food they need for their families and themselves.

If you are thinking about launching a new pantry or meals program, you will have the greatest impact if you are able to find out what resources are currently available in your community and what kinds of food resources are called for to respond to unmet needs. The first step in the process of becoming a FOOD Share Partner Agency is to complete the eligibility self assessment.

Once you have an idea of the days, times, geographic areas, or special populations who are facing hunger in the area you seek to serve, you will be better able to plan the hours, numbers of volunteers, and funds you will want to raise to establish your own program. We have created a basic Pantry Planning Checklist to help agencies simplify this step.

When you have decided what, when, where, and how, you plan to provide your food distribution or meals program, you will be ready to complete an agency application.

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Pamela Castro
Agency Relations Manager