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The new paradigm for corporate philanthropy goes beyond check-writing to incorporating charitable efforts into core business strategies. Corporations are using their resources to take on major social problems, such as hunger, and find that not only does this have a big impact on communities, it builds a stronger business.

In the concept of Shared Value, “Corporate policies enhance competitiveness of the company while advancing social and economic conditions in the communities in which it operates… Incorporating societal issues into strategy and operations is the next major transformation in management thinking…” – Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

FOOD Share, Ventura County’s food bank, increasingly engages our region’s corporate partners to address the significant increase in the number of hungry children, seniors, adults and families.

“FOOD Share runs the leanest of operations and we are continually stretching to find newer, more efficient and innovative ways to find and distribute food. Last year, we saw an increase in the number of people needing food assistance to 74,500 which we met through the guidance and assistance of our corporate visionaries. Next year, we anticipate we will need to increase our food distribution by another 20%. More than ever we will need to lean on corporations to provide their skill sets and support to address this major societal issue.” – Bonnie Atmore, President and CEO, FOOD Share

Corporations can create added purpose to what they do by incorporating social responsibility and shared Value into business models. Engagement with organizations such as FOOD Share gives corporations the real opportunity to be a powerful force in addressing larger social issues, at the same time building a better business.

With our corporate partners and individual stakeholders, we continue to create efficient and effective strategies to meet the ever increasing need of those that are hungry. The majority of those we serve are employed. FOOD Share is that first line of defense, so that families can keep working, pay their bills, stay in their homes, and give back to the community in the best way they can.

Learn how your corporation can become a corporate partner:

Tom Hilton
Corporate Director of Advancement
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