The Harvesters Club

The Harvesters Club
  • If you care that one in five kids in Ventura County go to bed hungry every night.
  • If you care that thousands of Ventura County seniors live in poverty and wouldn’t make it without emergency food assistance.
  • If you care that thousands of your neighbors simply can’t afford to put food on their table.

Then please consider partnering with FOOD Share through your enrollment in the Harvesters Club.

What is the Harvesters Club?

A monthly gift commitment to FOOD Share’s efforts to feed and nourish the hungry of Ventura County.

When you join the Harvesters Club you designate the amount of your choice to be directly debited from your checking or savings account each month. An automatic monthly gift can also be charged to your credit card.

Simply complete and return the FOOD Share Harvester’s Club Enrollment Form.

Download the Harvesters’ Enrollment form here and send to:
FOOD Share
4156 Southbank Road
Oxnard, CA 93036

Tyler Beard
Finance Coordinator
(805) 983-7100 ext. 105